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Depression’s Maze of Mirrors – Blog Post #6

Depression’s Maze of Mirrors      In my hometown, there was once a tourist attraction called, The Mystery Fun House. One of its many chambers was a dimly lit mirror maze built with serpentine, mirrored walls. In the maze, inevitably you’d get turned around and completely lose any perception of where you were or how to […]
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The Illusion of Chance – Blog Post #5

The Illusion of Chance      The Universal language of mathematics is truly beautiful. Transcending culture and spoken word, the elegant logic of math is one of the most powerful tools on Earth. It plays a critical role in our evolution, enabling us to understand the physical world around us. Statisticians and scientists build forecast […]
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The Absolute Paradox – Blog Post #2

The Absolute Paradox      There’s an ancient and cleverly self-contradicting, Buddhist saying that goes something like this: “Enlightenment can be summed up in two words: Not Always So.” This playful adage implies that we should use caution before casually using words like… only, every, always, and never. But if – as the ancient Buddhist […]
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Welcome – Blog Post #1

     Welcome to this ongoing blog about topics in the book, A Glossary of Life – Deeper Meaning Behind Our Common Words. As I stated in the introduction of the book, none of this material is being offered to tell you what to think, but rather, to prompt you to think. This is an […]
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