#1:  Be Present 

     We’ve all had the frustrating experience of having to decide between right and right… two alternatives, both of which we can make solid, logical cases for choosing. Faced with having to decide, our mind typically becomes a two-faced, devil’s advocate that talks us into - and out of - both choices, simultaneously. This maddening whirlpool of analysis paralysis is a common experience… but it isn’t a necessary experience. It's not possible to know every hidden angle or repercussion of a decision we’re about to make. Our minds simply don’t have that capacity. But it is possible to tap into something beyond the mind. That… is our intuition, which is otherwise known as the sixth sense. When pure intuition hits you, you’ll notice that it’s a feeling which doesn’t reference the past, nor does it project itself into the future. It is a present moment phenomenon, and it usually presents itself without any logical explanation. Intuition is a knowing without thinking. It’s uncomplicated guidance that just feels right. And unlike your mind’s opposing thoughts that yell at each other while you’re trying to make a decision, intuition gently pulls you aside and quietly whispers in your ear. It doesn’t demand you listen; it simply offers its insight as a gift that you can either take or leave. 

#2:  Tell the Mind to Be Quiet

     If we believed every thought that crossed our minds, we would drive ourselves insane. It’s very healthy to question our thoughts. Thinking, of course - along with remembering past experiences - is a vital part of navigating life. But fears, insecurities, and mistaken beliefs all live within the thinking mind. And if you have no way to subdue those powerful, negative influences, your world quickly becomes scary and confusing. Intuition is a resource that bypasses obsessive mind chatter while catapulting you to a whole new level of awareness. Science tries to explain intuition as an unconscious recognition of patterns. Yet for those who’ve truly connected to their intuition, it becomes clear that the experience goes far beyond clinical explanations and often feels as though there’s something almost supernatural at work. To tap into this latent and mysterious capacity that we all have, it’s absolutely necessary to tell your mind to be quiet. Let it make its lists of rational and logical arguments and consider them carefully. But then turn the matter over to your own intuitive, higher authority. At the end of the day, your mind is like a backseat driver that thinks it knows best but doesn’t really know what it doesn’t know. Your intuition, on the other hand, is like a satellite-linked GPS that can see traffic, road closures, speed traps, and weather conditions ahead. In short, your intuition steers you through a landscape that is invisible to the mind.

#3:  Take the Leap

     Intuition doesn’t typically map out your whole life… it usually just illuminates what’s right in front of you. It takes a leap of faith to follow your intuition, as sometimes it will urge you to make a choice that seems costly in the short run. But intuition works its magic when we loosen our fearful grip on personal agenda, and when we’re humble enough to admit that we don’t always know which choices will take us to where we want to go. Very often, the best road to our desired destination isn’t a straight line and involves enduring some short-term discomfort for long-term gain. It’s helpful to think of intuition as a wise and constant companion on your life’s journey… something (or someone, if you like) who you can turn to for help and who always has your best interests in mind. The next time you find yourself going back and forth about a difficult choice, try this: Take a few long, slow, deep breaths, and then without thinking about implications, hold a choice in mind as though you’ve already made it; then feel and observe how your body reacts. Do you suddenly have an unexplainable lump in your throat, tightness in your chest, or uneasiness in your belly? … or do you suddenly feel a bit calmer, more relaxed, and more peaceful. Cycle through your opposing choices and take note of these physical reactions. Your body is an incredible barometer that will help you read your intuition. In fact, it’s been trying to communicate with you all along. The pivotal question now is, are you ready to listen?


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