#1:  See Constant Guidance in Every Experience of Life

     You don’t have to be religious or even spiritual to see that life speaks to us through experience. And it does this with 2 tools: harmony and disharmony. These tell us what works and what doesn’t work. Take an inventory of your health, finances, relationships, and your own personal sense of happiness. Are you experiencing harmony or disharmony? If you’re experiencing harmony, great! Don’t change a thing. But if you’re experiencing disharmony in any of these areas or others in your life, it likely means that life is encouraging you to adjust how you think or how you act… but usually both. Experiencing disharmony could be an indication that something in your personal formula for living is not sustainable. Listen to that guidance, and then – little by little – start changing your formula. When you do, your life will change… it has no choice.

#2:  Discover Reason and Purpose in Every Condition of Life

     Mariners can encounter what’s called a rogue wave. This happens when they’re sailing along under clear skies, and then suddenly, a giant wave comes out of nowhere and nearly capsizes their boat. This is a real thing on the open ocean, and it is a real thing in life. Hardships can seemingly come out of nowhere, and often we have no explanation for unexpected things like sickness, injury, death… much less things like poverty and oppression. We label these things as bad and tragic which motivates us to do something about them. And that’s good. But we’re invited to rise above concepts like randomness and bad luck. These limit us and cut us off from a higher perspective and a deeper insight into why things happen… the reason behind the apparent reason. Look at your own life. Certainly you can find examples of experiences that at first seemed bad, but then as time passed, you could see how you grew from those experiences or how they were of benefit in some way. Be patient with life… especially the tough stuff. Big answers to why difficult things happen are out there. And just because you can’t see those answers yet doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This is something very useful to remember the next time you’re faced with your own rogue wave.

#3:  Connect to the Unlimited Love and Wisdom Within

     Everyone has the potential to be loving – without exception. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, you have the potential for love within. And if you have the potential for love, you also have the potential for wisdom because – ultimately - they’re the same thing. The more loving you are, the wiser you will be. To connect to this love and wisdom within, you must tap into that timeless part of you which some refer to as the soul. It’s the part of you that doesn’t think; it just is. Thought is a beautiful gift, and it’s also a useful tool. But if left unchecked, thought can quickly become a liability that frightens you and makes you paranoid, angry, and depressed. When you quiet your mind, the unlimited love and wisdom within you will more easily come to the surface. And if you make an effort to search within for that wisdom, I promise you… you’ll find it.  And you may just find yourself in the process.


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