I grew up in Florida during the ‘80s and was raised in a restaurant family. Although I had early aspirations of becoming a restaurateur, I felt a strong desire to explore seemingly unanswerable questions: What is the purpose of a human life? Where does joy really come from? What truths lie beyond our five senses?  As a young man, I went off to college and graduated with a business degree. But a drive for higher wisdom kept me constantly studying the world’s greatest spiritual and philosophical texts, as well as the teachings of modern-day sages and revered historical figures.

After college, I explored a few different careers. I was a police officer, a middle school science teacher, a restaurant manager, and a private safety inspector. During this time of experimentation, I frequently traveled the globe, gaining perspective on different cultures and traditions. Though I was raised Catholic, my travels to Asia - and India, in particular - broadened my spiritual education to include an Eastern perspective.

Now, as a full-time author and spiritual counselor, I produce books, podcasts, and blogs that communicate what I perceive to be timeless wisdom… wisdom that has been taught over the ages but obscured by the shifting sands of our world’s languages and cultures. I share this wisdom to promote self-awareness, compassion, and joy in our world. I also share resources with members of our human family who are solely focused on survival itself. A percentage of profits generated by my efforts is given to charitable organizations that directly aid the neediest people on our planet.

Whether we’re talking about ending poverty, living in peace, or abolishing injustice, changing our world is easier than it seems. Like a massive mountain avalanche, enormous change occurs because of countless tiny shifts under the surface. We are those tiny shifts. The choice to change ourselves - to be kinder, more generous, and more courageous - is literally the force that changes the world. I can think of nothing more empowering and inspiring than that. Can you?