Much of the material in my writings is pulled from decades’ worth of notes and journaling about my own personal experiences, reflections, and observations of life. Beginning in early adulthood, a passion for the pursuit of truth led me to an intense study of many ancient texts (the Bible, the Tao Te Ching, and the Bhagavad Gita, to name only a few). I also devoured the teachings of many ancient philosophers, modern-day teachers, artists, scientists, and historical figures - each of whom helped bring to life within me the concepts I share in blog posts and in books. It has been, however, my everyday encounters with an amazing group of family, friends, and acquaintances that have served as the most influential force on my writing. Often without realizing it, these wonderful souls have left - and continue to leave - indelible marks of guidance and love on these writings and on this author.        

My intention for publishing what I write is to raise the level of self-awareness, compassion, empowerment, and joy in us all; for when we expand these attributes within ourselves, we automatically affect and improve the world around us. There are a great number of people in our world, however, who find it difficult to focus on joy because they are focused on survival itself. To engage that reality, a percentage of the profits generated by my books are given to charitable organizations that directly aid the most poverty-stricken people on our planet.        

Whether we’re talking about ending poverty, living in peace, or abolishing injustice, changing the world is much easier than it sounds. A massive mountain avalanche is the result of countless tiny shifts under the snow. Individually, we are those tiny shifts. The choice to change ourselves is literally the force that changes the world. I can think of nothing more empowering and inspiring than that.

Can you?