The Illusion of Chance

     The Universal language of mathematics is truly beautiful. Transcending culture and spoken word, the elegant logic of math is one of the most powerful tools on Earth. It plays a critical role in our evolution, enabling us to understand the physical world around us. Statisticians and scientists build forecast models that detect nearly invisible patterns in things like weather, biology, and even world events. But as effective as math and science have become in answering the question of *if* something will happen, these tools fall painfully short of answering the big question of *why* something happens. It’s the *why* that gives meaning to life… and whether we’re conscious of if or not, meaning is what we are all after.

     In the aftermath of a significant life event, there exists a temptation to answer the question of why with concepts like randomness, luck, or chance. We default to these so quickly because the mind cannot see beyond an event it doesn’t understand. This is where science, math, and even logic run out of steam. To behold a bigger picture, we need a much more powerful instrument. Feeling is that instrument.

     Fortunately, the instrument of feeling isn’t something we need to acquire, engineer, or compute. That instrument - which unlocks the secrets of life itself - is within us… and it’s more powerful than any supercomputer could hope to be. Like a radio station’s broadcast, life is broadcasting answers to our deepest questions 24/7. To hear those answers, we must discard our default, victim mindset and be open and humble enough to hear answers through our feelings. When we do, we’ll connect to the truth that life is a custom-tailored teaching machine, and it cannot show up in any way that doesn’t serve the overall benefit of our soul as well as our soul’s never-ending journey.

     Going to dramatic extremes can be helpful when contemplating any idea… so let’s talk plane crashes. How can chance not play a role in the loss of 200 people in a plane crash? Well… let’s rewind a bit. How can 200 people with 200 different life circumstances all meet in one place with the same destination in mind? To a Neanderthal, 200 people cramming into a tube with wings and then rocketing off to who knows where would look ridiculous. Our evolved perspective, though, sees nothing strange about 200 different people - each for their own reasons - being coordinated on the same flight at the same time to one common destination. It happens every day. But only from a much higher perspective – the spiritual perspective of feeling – can we see nothing ridiculous or random about 200 different souls, having lived out their lives’ intention and purpose, choosing (usually without their minds being consciously aware) to depart this particular incarnation all at once in a plane crash. For those left back on the “ground” who have not yet felt their way to that lofty perspective of unfathomable coordination, a plane crashing with their loved one aboard would be excruciatingly painful and confusing.

     To most “rational” people, being at peace immediately after someone you love dies in a plane crash would sound cold, heartless, and nonsensical. But try explaining a smart phone to a “rational” person from the 5th Century B.C. “Rational” is obviously something that evolves over time. And as more time passes, more of the boundless power and resources of our individual souls is revealed to us… through feeling. We begin to feel how our superconscious self, or soul, aligns us with both people and circumstances that are best suited for our growth and evolution… even and especially when our minds cannot reconcile what is happening. And yes, that includes circumstances surrounding both our birth and death... as well as which after-death life adventure we’re ready for next.

     The further you feel into the concept of chance being an illusion, the more you’ll become aware of the limitless power and greater agenda of your own soul. This awareness will inevitably disassemble negative concepts like victim, tragedy, and even murder. Greater awareness, knowledge, and wisdom, though, can only be found in the undiscovered; the graceful logic of math and science have taught us that. But logic, as it turns out, is the beginning of wisdom… not the end.

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