Welcome to this ongoing blog about topics in the book, A Glossary of Life – Deeper Meaning Behind Our Common Words. As I stated in the introduction of the book, none of this material is being offered to tell you what to think, but rather, to prompt you to think. This is an invitation to engage controversial concepts about life, death, and truth… and to hold those concepts up to the light of your own experience. To do this authentically, a degree of openness (along with equal parts courage and humility) is required. Openness is really just a willingness to be wrong… to see further than you’ve seen before… to welcome new insights that elevate your perspective. But higher perspectives of the spiritual kind are only genuine when they are felt as true… not just thought of as true.

     Whether discovery is scientific or spiritual, it can never be obtained for free. Surrendering old perspectives and once-treasured beliefs is the fee for progress, growth, and further enlightenment. Life itself is engineered in a way that urges us to explore the unknown. We are each gifted with a creative spark that wants to know and experience itself as more. And with that experience comes the thrill and fulfillment of unraveling the mysteries of life. This thrill, however, never ends because mystery is an inexhaustible force of life; and the unraveling of one mystery immediately leads to another… and another… and another…

     Along this never-ending expedition of discovery - if we’re not careful - our accomplishments can cause us to slide into an arrogant mindset that believes we have it all figured out. Thankfully - about 2,400 years ago - the Greek philosopher, Socrates was thoughtful enough to offer future generations a profound insight when he said, “If I am wise, it is because I know that I do not know.” Embracing the noble humility of his words, I look forward to engaging your questions and comments. May we learn from each other… and may that learning never cease.



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